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Neeta Travels has become one of the most preferred and used bus services in India. This is mainly because th ebus company offer great,low fares to all of its passenegers. Not only that, but passemgesr also appreciate the fact that the bus company offers them the best travelling experience. Since the bus company commenced operations, th ecompany has grown rapidly, and continues to grow. Now, with a lot of advancements happening in th bus travelling industry, it has also imprived a lot of its buses and services, making sure that they keep abreast with everything that is happening around them. In fact, the buses are modern now, which makes traveling on their buses fun and comfortable.

About Neeta Travels

Neeta Tour & Travels was established by Mr Sunil Salva back in the year 20000. The travel and tours company has its headquarters in two cities, which are mumbai and Pune. At the momeny, the bus company is the largest scheduled bus service provider in th ecountry. In fact, it has a fleet of more than 250 luxury buses. In serving India and its people, th ebus service provider provides its services to a total of 6 states all over the country. On top of that, the bus service provider has expnded its operations base. This has seen it moving into bus operations for passenger transport, hoitel business, as well as Charter bookings. The company actually has an organised team of experts that has been put in place in order to managa all of th ecompany’s hotel and bus operations. Mr Sunil Salv ais th eone who heads these operations.

Travelling aroung the country is now very easy, all thankls to this bus service provoider. The service provider offers convinience, as well as comfortability. The tour company provides its bus services between the following cities:

Mumbai – Ahmedabad

Mumbai – Anand

Mumbai – Nadiad

Mumbai – Surat

Mumbai – Ankleshwar

Mumbai – Bharuch

Mumbai – Vapi

Mumbai – Surat City

Mumbai – Baroda

Mumbai – Valsad

There are so many other routes that this bus company provides its services to. For all the information, we suggest that you visit their website so you can be sure if your area is serviced. Uin order to buy the bus tickets, you will hav eto buty them over the counetr, or by them online using your PC or mobile device. This is very convinient and many passgers apprieciate this service.

How to buy nneeta Tours bus tickets online

If you want to purchjase a bus ticket online, all you will have to do is visit a booking site of your choice. On esuch website is MakeMyTrip. This website offers passenegrs an Online Bus Tickets Booking system. There, you will be required to provide information about your places of departure and arival, as well as the days tha you intend to travel.

Please note that you will be required to verify your information when you make your booking. Also, when you board, you should have with you, positive identification papers. Another thing that should excite passengers is th efact that you may get discounts or promotions when you make a bus tickt booking online.

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