Air Asia

Air Asia, just like many airlines in India, was formed with passengers at heart. In fact, the main aim of the airline was to offer affordable air travel to all passengers in and around India. This is the reason why the company has become one of the most preferred and trusted airlines in India today. On top of that, the airline offers exceptional services, as well as a very comfortable flying experience.

On-Board Air Asia

Air Asia commenced operations in 2001 and since then, it has never looked back. In fact, its operations keep growing at a tremendous rate. It’s one of the airlines in India that offers passengers cheap ticket booking, as well as high-quality flying. Air Asia is associated with other huge companies such as Thai AirAsia, Indonesia AirAsia, AirAsia X, Philippines’ AirAsia Inc., and AirAsia Japan. All of these companies offer low-cost service to citizens.

Air Asia is well respected in the civil aviation industry because of its passionate approach to business, efficient processes, as well as innovative solutions. Also, the company has become popular for offering only the best to its customers. In 2012, due to its exceptional service, Air Asia received two accolades, which are:

  • World’s Best Low Cost Airline
  • ATW Value Airline of the Year

Connectivity and Fleet Information

Air Asia serves a lot of countries in Asia. In fact, it provides its flight services to over 15 countries all over Asia, and many major cities. In addition, Air Asia has over 10 hubs in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, as well as Malaysia. The company boasts of a fleet of Airbus A320s aircrafts, which were specifically created for safety, as well as comfort.

Services and Baggage Allowance

Air Asia does not offer complimentary meals and refreshments on board. However, passengers will be able to buy their own food and drinks on the flights. At the same time, passengers will be able to pre-book easy meals online on the airline’s website.

Passengers will be able to choose their seating options when they check-in.

Passengers will also be able to shop from friends and family. This is because Air Asia has a shop onboard and merchandise that is duty-free. The range of products that you can purchase include jewelry, confectionary, skin-care products, and many other things.

When you board the airplane, you will be given a personal tablet PC that is loaded with some movies, as well as music. In order to excite passengers more, Air Asia has a loyalty program which is called BIG. In this program, passengers will be able to earn points every time that they book a flight, and they will be able to redeem the points for free tickets.

Before you make a flight booking, you will also be able to receive other benefits which include special offers, priority booking, as well as discounts. If you are lucky enough, you may also receive excess baggage allowance. In order to check out all of the discounts and promotions, please visit the Air Asia website.

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